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  Current Database The database includes firearms sold by VL&D between 1901 and 1929 as well as the those sold by A&F between 1929 and 1977 when A&F finally closed. Currently indexing G&H record books, 1977 to 1981.
  COLLECTORS If a factory letter says your Winchester, Remington, Marlin, Colt or Smith & Wesson was shipped to VL&D or A&F, and you know the year, please email a request for a lookup.
  USED GUN SALES I have considered for a while now whether to include second hand and consigned guns sold by VL&D and A&F in the research listings. The disadvantage is that a Used Gun listing doesn't suggest a manufacture date or the name of the original purchaser or the original physical specifications. But on the other hand, guns that are so listed often have the name of both the buyer and the seller a well as the physical dimensions at the time of resale. Seeing that Ernest Hemingway purchased 2 used Merkel O/U's helped to make my decision. I will add the Used Gun sales as a separate model, that model being "Used". Please understand that you may find your serial number under the Make/Model if it was a new gun sale and/or also under the 'Used' model for a given Make if the gun was resold by VL&D or A&F. A Certificate of Previously Owned Firearm Transaction will be provided, along with photographs of the records. I should also note that I have not broken down the more prolific makes by their models, that is, if you search a particular number under Used Winchesters, the serial number may appear, but it might be for a Model 12, 21, 1876, 1892, 94, 63, 70 or scores of other Winchester models. If your number appears in the Used gun lists, please email your Make, Model and Serial Number to and I will be very happy to tell you which model the listed serial number applies to.

Bob Beach

  LC Smith Serial Numbers Beginning in 1946 the A&F records start to show the LC Smith serial numbers beginning with the letter 'S' but this is unfortunately not consistent. I have created a new category for the guns made and received after 1946. This category appears as a model under LC Smith called "Post 1946 Manuf". The numbers in this list may or may not be preceedeed by the 'S', depending on the way in which each appears in the records. Please look for your gun assuming that it may be listed either way. Guns made beginning in 1946 were made by the LC Smith Co. under Marlin, as opposed to Hunter Arms.
  Mauser C96 Broomhandles I have now added the serial numbers of the Mauser C96 Broomhandle pistols to the database. These serial numbers would be for those pistols that were in the Von Lengerke & Detmold inventory between 1901 and 1912. Almost no C96 pistols appear in the firearms inventory after that time. This might be because the New York Sullivan Law required all handgun records to be turned in to the local police precinct when a store ceased operation. Another possibility is that, since VL&D was purchased by Dupont in 1912, the new management may have changed the policy regarding handgun records.
  Letters of Provenance To date we have prepared more than 700 letters of provenance for the current owners of firearms sold through Von Lengerke & Detmold, Von Lengerke & Antoine, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Griffin & Howe.
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