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  AH Fox Collectors Assn. A excellent source of information about AH Fox shotguns, including their history, grades and indentification. Includes a dsicussion forum.

  Cornell Publications Offers over 1500 reprints of firearms Catalogs and Manuals from the United States, Britain and Europe. They cover a wide range of makers and retailers from 1850-1980, including Griffin & Howe, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Von Lengerke & Detmold. The place to learn about or discuss all manner of double guns, double rifles, combination guns, drillings, etc.

  Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine Volume 4, Issues 1 and 2 contain very informative background articles by Bob Christensen on the history of VL&A in Chicago and VL&D in New York. Back issues are available from the publisher.

  Mannlicher-Schoenauer Collectors Assn. A site dedicated to the history, descriptions, parts, and accoutrements of this fine sportig firearm.

  Parker Gun Collector's Assn. If you have a question about or an interest in a Parker shotgun, this is the site to visit. You may join as a member or just visit. Parker letters describing your Parker as manufactured are also available.

  Remington Society of America This group is dedicated to the collection and study of Remington firearms, ammunition and history and researches original factory records, produces a quarterly publication, and arranges seminars and exhibits. A website forum is available to users.

  ShotgunWorld Forum Offers a wide variety of forums for almost every aspect of shotgun shooting and collecting.

  The Friends of Frederick Beesley Dedicated to the fine English Sporting Arms built by Frederick Beesley and Successor Firms including the guns and rifles Frederick built whilst at Purdey.

  The LC Smith Collectors Assn. A web site dedicated to the appreciation of the most famous sidelock shotgun made in America.

  The Lefever Forum A must visit site for owners and collectors of Lefever firearms.

  The Parker Gun Collectors Assn. The most comprehensive source of Parker gun information for owners and collectors and those who simply recognize the beauty of a Parker gun.

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